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Author: Kyra
Social-policitcal critique and satire "just catering to the dumb biases of Volvo driving NPR besotted lefties."
Author: Robert
My thoughts on gay/heterosexual marriage and what Governments involvement should be
Author: C.J.
I give you my opinion on the topics of today in politics.
Author: Ajay
Here, I am presenting you with the facts that WHY Maharashtra Navnirman Sena , a newly launched political party is always on target. The party with clear intention to speak true scenarios is always get into controversies. Maharashtra Navnirman Sena speaks about "MAHARASHTRA" first. Now what is mean by Maharashtra?

Yes!! here is the only confusion created about Maharashtra Navnirman Sena by other parties includes Indian Sonia Congress , Nationalist Congress [NCP], Shiv-sena , Bhartiya Janata Party [BJP] and most importantly parties from Uttar Pradesh includes YADAV PRIVATE LIMITED parties and Bahujan Samaj Party [BSP].

Maharashtra Navnirman sena chief, Raj Thakare has clearly stated his thoughts about forming a party with a vision to provide all primary level needs of a common man which are a part of Indian constitution and currently politicians which are in power are intentionally avoiding to follow the Indian constitution. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, a man behind the creator of Indian constitution has made a clear statement that if Government fails to provide primary needs of a common man as a citizen of India , there is no use of it.

Maharashtra is divided into two parts-one is West Maharashtra and other is Vidarbha.
Are leaders from other parties able to unite these two parts of Maharashtra? The answer is NO. They have no rights to speak about India as a nation. After we got freedom , Freedom fighters c***Congress leaders took Maharashtra ahead in terms of basic needs and Rojgar-jobs. Today's Sonia Congress and Pawar[Power]congress are taking advantages of these goodwill. In south India , they have their own game of Politics. But they are united in terms of self identity and local language issues. It is a known fact that other south states e.g. Karnataka , Kerala, Tamilnadu , Andhra Pradesh etc are very aggressive in terms of keeping their language preference and self identity. Due to that they implemented a system which runs government prioritizing local people needs and giving all possible support to live. Also they have clear workarounds about how to deal with people from other states. As an Indian people from other states can enter in South with intention to live and not anything else. Are YADAV LIMITED PARTIES making any statements against south indian state politics? The answer is NO. Because in South states "LANGUAGE" is a priority to enter in Politics.

In Maharashtra, due to basic platform available , industries always prefer to invest. Day by Day Government driven corrupt leaders created one-on-one relations with industrialists. Now the current scenario is that there is a hidden agreement made between politicians and industrialists. Corruption measuring tool is not available in system and hence poor laws can not stop corruption in India. Most important point here is to consider is Maharashtra has not its own self identity in terms of Language. I as a Maharashtrian always says India first but not in all terms. You can not apply same law to each and every processes. Raj Thakare says the same thing in his own voice. Let Maharashtra people live as per the rights given by Indian constitution in terms of Food, Clothes, Security and Jobs. He also mentioned his vision on website called
I am afraid that people pointing finger towards Raj made there appearance on the site. They will get clear understandings about manase philosophy about navnirman of Maharashtra.

YADAV PRIVATE LIMITED PARTIES are taking advantage of Maharashtra in terms of Politics only. Why leaders from YADAV PARTIES gang not able to provide basic needs to their people in their states only? We are not opposing people to come here for jobs and living purpose but after fulfilling their needs they are now started to speak about ownership in Maharashtra Government which is meaningless. For only money matters they want to enter into Maharashtra politics and here MAHARASHTRA NAVNIRMAN SENA says it is not allowed.
Poor people always speaks about FOOD and not Politics.

Aim of MAHARASHTRA NAVNIRMAN SENA is to provide Maharashtra people a feel that there is a party which speaks about MARATHI people FIRST. Needless controversies are created intentionally to create fuzziness in minds. We are here to provide you your voice. Maharashtra has a good background of saints. So people from Maharashtra are cultured and like to live with peace which is also a major drawback in terms of UP politicians making their way here. But they also need to keep in mind that we never allows intentional ownership in politics.

Maharashtra is formed on the basis of language i.e. Marathi and so the case with other states. Once it is understood that states are formed on language basis Why Yadav parties coming here? If they want UP is free for them. Make your place a livable first. Simple thing is they are taking advantages of demerits of Indian Constitution.

MAHARASHTRA NAVNIRMAN SENA is the answer for them in the years to come!!
Raj Thakare is a wise man and at the same time a sensitive person. He has decided to take exams for candidates who wants to work for society as a politician. Isn't it a great decision? Is any other party has taken such a decision before? The Party candidates are well educated and knows what to do in Government. Our vision is to clear this dirt from Maharashtra. ARE YOU WITH US?

You can Join Mahiti Tantradnyan Vibhag, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, Pune by following two ways.....
Mail to
Mobile ## 9850526251
Also Visit ->
Page -> महाराष्ट्र नवनिर्माण माहिती तंत्रज्ञान विभाग ( MNS IT Wing )

Ajay Bharde
Chief, IT Wing, MNS
Author: E
I was a far left wing liberal for most of my life, but I finally woke up. Please peruse and enjoy - share with your friends. Thanks
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